Sunday Endurance – 10/8/19

CrossFit SoCo – CrossFit WOD

A: Powerchicken 500 – Part A (AMRAP – Reps)

Team of 2:

5 Rounds/Each:

A: 400m Run

B: Max Cal Row
Partners alternate run/row.

Total calories rowed after both partners have completed 5 rounds is score for Part A.

B: Powerchicken 500 – Part B (Time)

Total Reps = 500 – Part A score

Front Squats

MB Sit-ups

If team does not complete Part A by 25 Minutes, use 200 reps as Part A score.


Part A Score = 303 Calories rowed

Part B:

500 – 303 = 197

197/3 = Reps

66 Front Squats

66 MB Sit-ups

66 Burpees


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