More than just a gym

Colorado Springs’ Premier CrossFit Facility

If you had ZERO excuse for skipping the gym, would it change your life? Come to CrossFit SoCo and find out! We’ve worked hard to remove all the barriers that keep people out of the gym - because having a healthy, strong body will improve your life in ways you never imagined.

How do we do it? With a full schedule of coach led classes and open gym hours that are easy to fit into your busy schedule. With simple unlimited membership options that make it as easy as "sign in, work out, be happy." With workouts you’ll actually enjoy and look forward to (nothing is as stress-relieving as a good sweat session, you’ll see). And a positive vibe that’s naturally ego-free and 100% supportive, because the hardest thing about your workout should be the WORKOUT, not competitive meatheads that kill your mojo.

And our community, well, our people are our shining star. The folks that sweat with us come from every walk of life in every age, shape, size, and ability. These supportive athletes are high-five fanatics who encourage each other through the toughest WODs. Friends who sweat together, stay together.

Sweat grants wishes. Cover
yourself in it daily.

What are you waiting for?

Our Facility

CrossFit SoCo’s massive 9,500-square-foot facility is located in a restored elementary school that’s been resurrected to become the hippest new hot spot in Colorado Springs - housing cafes, breweries, shops ... and us!

Inside our box, you’ll find all the tools and support you need to make an incredible transformation - the kind that changes your life inside and outside the gym. Here at SoCo we take great pride in providing a facility fully stocked with all of your equipment needs, so you never waste your workout time waiting on a machine or bar. With the intelligent programming, passionate coaches, and supportive community at CrossFit SoCo, you might never want to leave (and that’s fine with us)!

  • I have been at this gym for several years, and it is by far the best athletic training and athletic community I have ever experienced! I encourage anyone that is looking for something new, effective, and simply fun to come and check it out!

    Nadia Duncan

  • A great gym with a wonderful atmosphere. They offer many services and have a large facility. Classes are offered throughout the day, which allows me to fit a workout into my schedule. When I have to do something different, there is also an open gym option.

    Sunny Norwood-Buck

  • If you're looking for a nice, relaxed CrossFit environment that allows you to work and adapt WODs to fit your level, then SoCo is where you want to be! I've gained many friends and formed a want & need for exercise that I didn't have before.

    Courtney Floyd