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By Loic Joseph

Following last week with goals settings, this week I would like to talk about purpose.
Everything we do or say should have a purpose, a meaning behind it. ¬†We only live once, let’s make the best out of it!
Alway understand why or what you are doing to which purpose.

Make your days matter. If you are trying to get better in the gym but don’t ever pay attention to diet, posture or movement in general outside your workout, you will have a very hard time reaching out your potential. Keep in mind that you spend way more time outside a gym than inside and that time should matter as much as the time spent in a gym. Start making better choices 24/7, to improve your life and be the VERY BEST version of yourself!

Be a Shark! Strive to be the best to reach your goals. Wake up with a clear vision of where you are headed and don’t look back. “Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve”. I truly believe that and know that no one will ever do this for me. I have to get up and reach for the stars, because I CAN!

Use everything you have at your disposal to fulfill your goals/dreams. Knowledge is truly power if you can use it to your benefit. Open your mind to all you can in order to make better decisions. As a professional fitness enthusiast, i want to learn as much as I can about the human body and the physiology of performance in order to serve my clients the very best. It is an ongoing quest to be the best ever but I will get there!

Here at SoCo, we act the same. Our purpose is to help you reach your goals and be the very best version of yourself. From regular classes to 1-1 session, we have it all and we would be extremely honor to help you!