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At CrossFit SoCo, we believe in giving our members options. That’s why we provide multiple training programs that range from traditional CrossFit to Yoga and Bootcamp. We’ll help you achieve your fitness goals, one class, one workout, and one day at a time. Trust us. Your body will thank you later!

  • Fundamentals

    This is a 5-day introduction course that takes place every two weeks. In it, you’ll train beside other beginners just like you and learn the correct techniques for classic CrossFit movements. This class will ease you into the intensity of the regular CrossFit workouts and prepare you for group classes.  Schedule: Mon, Wed, Thur, Mon, Wed.

  • CrossFit WOD

    Our daily WOD (Workout of the Day) is comprised of varied functional movements done at high intensity. In each 1-hour class, you’ll perform a group warm-up, skill session, work on strength movement, conditioning or MetCon (metabolic conditioning). Every WOD is different so you never get bored! We scale each workout to your fitness level, so you get the maximum workout every time.

  • Olympic Weightlifting

    SoCo’s Olympic Weightlifting program meets 3 days a week and focuses on the Clean and Jerk and the Snatch. This class is beneficial to anyone looking to improve their Olympic weightlifting skills, efficiency, power, and speed. It’s open to everyone from seasoned competitors to newcomers who want to work on technique.

  • SoCo’s Bootcamp

    Do you need an intense workout that’s fast and effective? This 45-minute bootcamp is designed to deliver a total body workout and increase your overall fitness in a short amount of time. Workouts focus on athletic drills, running and rowing, plyometrics, kettlebells, functional movements, and more. Bootcamp is offered Mon-Fri at Noon.

  • Open Gym

    SoCo is one of the only boxes in Colorado Springs with Open Gym all day, every day. Mon-Fri, 5am-8pm, you can come in and do whatever you like. Did you miss a training session? Need to work on a skill before class? Come on in and get it done. Daily classes have priority on space and equipment but there is more than enough to go around.

  • Endurance Program

    Tired of overuse injuries keeping you on the sidelines? Want your race times to drop? Our Endurance Program may be for you. In this class, we’ll be targeting muscle groups that are traditionally weaker on endurance athletes, all while developing explosive speed. The goal is to leave you stronger, faster, and more immune to injuries. The program typically lasts between 25-40 minutes and utilizes running, rowing, and SkiErgs.

  • Yoga

    This seasonal hour-long class will help increase strength, mobility, flexibility, and balance — all things you’ll need to get the most out of your CrossFit workouts! Check schedule for availability, as this class is only offered seasonally.

    • Month-to-Month


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      • 10% Discount for:
      • Military/Law/Fire
      • Educator/Student
    • Included in membership

      • Unlimited Classes
      • Open Gym All Day
      • Free Monthly Skills Classes
      • Unlimited IN-Body Scans
      • Once a month 3-D Body Scans
    • 12-Month Agreement


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      • 10% Discount for:
      • Military/Law/Fire
      • Educator/Student


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