One tenet of CrossFit that our coaches at CrossFit SoCo talk about is the mechanics-consistency-intensity charter. The first time someone mentions this charter is during a foundations course, when everything is new and thrilling. Information overloads the brain, and the excitement to lift weights and perform movements you may have never attempted previously excites you! Your coach reminds you that mechanics are the most important… but why? Can you remember the factors that make mechanics the FIRST factor that the coach is looking to see in movements? And how can you possibly work on mechanics at home?

The mechanics-consistency-intensity charter provides a framework for athlete development. This development timeline is crucial for balancing safety, efficacy, and efficiency within CrossFit. Coaches must implore athletes to perform movements focusing on mechanics prior to both consistency and intensity. Once the mechanics of the movements are learned, it is then that consistency comes into play. When an athlete can safely perform the movement with mechanical accuracy and consistently over a set period of time, intensity may then be increased. Intensity can be a multitude of things- weights, number of reps, speed of reps completed- and should only be increased only when consistency of mechanical accuracy has been proven. 

What does this look like in a class setting? It looks like our coaches breaking down each movement into progressions. It looks like multiple reps of PVC pipe snatches, hollow holds to Superman’s in order to break down a kipping movement. It is the coach repeatedly going over information on movements that you have done many, many times because mechanics and consistency matter before intensity is increased. Mechanics drives movement, and to do movements consistently with intensity, mechanics must first be mastered! 

What does this look like in a home setting? It looks like an athlete using a PVC pipe, or light odd objects/dumbbells/kettlebells and practicing movements. Work on hollow hold and supermans- try a Tabata! Have you checked out Coach Sarah’s Broomstick Oly workouts on Wodify? Pull up a YouTube video, a brief video from one of our at home workouts, and think back to the cues our coaches have told you in the past. Try working on mechanics and consistency so that when we are able to be back in the gym, the intensity aspect of your workouts flows smoothly!


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