Brian K

“Honestly, I love this place. My buddy and I came to check it out to see if it’s like ‘regular gyms’ with wall to wall mirrors, and an air of judgement- but it wasn’t. I gave Crossfit a shot last year, and started it again this year with a 6 week nutrition challenge. I worked out with young moms, retirees and the occasional super-intense athlete, and I was at best middle of the pack. I mostly attended class with Coach Dalton, who is known to go around and ask what everyone’s goals are, and they usually are something like ‘lose baby fat’ or ‘get one pullup’ etc. As a result of my 6 weeks here, I have formed a solid 2-pack, which wasn’t the goal, but is at least 1 pack more than I had before. 😉 As far as body fat, I maintained my weight while losing more than 6% body fat in 4 weeks, and even more in the last 2. I’d recommend this gym to anyone.”

-Brian K.


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