Women’s International Day WOD 2019

CrossFit SoCo – CrossFit WOD

Metcon (Time)

Team of 2.

One partner working at a time.

8 Rounds:

3 snatches 80#

8 cleans 100#

19 box jumps

11 pull-ups
non-working partner: DB KB Hold

Metcon (No Measure)

Rep scheme= first date of Intl Women’s Day (3-8-1911)

Weights= .80 to the $1.00 wage gap

Cleans bc that’s a “stereotype”

Box Jumps- bc of the hurdles women jump through daily

Pull ups- bc all women should help pull one another up when times get hard

Non-working partner does a kB hold bc we’re expected to hold our shit together when we aren’t “working” on a daily basis


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