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Why do I workout in the morning?

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By Loic Joseph, Head Coach.

Early rising is nothing new to me. After over 25 years of being a swimmer, a swim coach and now a crossfit coach, waking up early to train/coach has become very routine.
I feel way more productive in the morning. I can get way more done at 5am than 5pm. It is something I figured out over time.
Being a father of 2 great kids that wake up on their own before 6:30am every day definitely also helped that.
I have the goal of going to the Crossfit Games in 2020 and I know I have to work very hard every day to reach it. I am extremely fortunate to have a “job” that allows me to train at the upmost time for me. My training sessions are much better in the am than they would be in the pm.
I am more focus, driven and eager to train early. I have found many “excuses” for not completing a session in the afternoon.
But if you start in the morning, the day just got started and there are fewer chances to have issues to deal with that would take you away from training. If you truly care about your dream/goal, you will find ways to make it work all the time for you, not just sometimes.
During my workouts, I am using a ton of different pieces of equipment as well as space and it is much easier to do this before noon.
We have very talented coaches here that also come and train/coach in the morning. They have helped me with technique as well as motivation when needed. I cannot do this alone and will take any good advice I can whenever I can.
I also feel the strongest after eating my delicious breakfast that my beautiful wife makes for me everyday (Egg (x3) Burrito with Bacon (x2) and some cheese).  Support is a crucial part of my plan.
It doesn’t always work as planned but I will control as many elements as I can to reach my goal.  Training in the morning has helped me to get started. So, join me and see it for yourself! We have 5,6,7,8,9am classes (1hour) here at SoCo as well as a noon class (45min long). Get it done early and move on with your day!
Happy Fitness!