When The Scale “Lies”

By: Coach Gretchen

Have you ever stepped on the scale after working hard on eating right, working out, and taking time to dial in your nutrition and workout habits and the scale has not budged? Or has it gone in the “wrong” direction? Oftentimes, when we are looking to change our body composition, the scale is the “go-to” method to assess whether we are making progress. We weigh our successes and failures when we step on the scale and base all of our hard work and effort on one number. I am sure that you have heard it before… but it is true… the scale does not tell the whole story! Here is a list of other ways to tell if your nutrition and workout plan is helping you change your body composition over time:

  1. You feel satisfied after meals
  2. You have more energy
  3. You’re sleeping better
  4. Your clothes are fitting looser (or tighter)
  5. You’re in a better mood
  6. You’re stronger and have more endurance
  7. Your “before” & “now” photos visually show a difference in body composition
  8. It feels more like a lifestyle than a “diet”

Easier said than done, right? At CrossFit SoCo, we truly believe in the CrossFit prescription for change, and we have coaches who are ready and able to help you reach your goals! As you walk down the path of working on body composition changes, whether that is cutting body fat, building muscle mass, or changing your lifestyle habits to be more positive, take the time to really evaluate your progress based on various sources of data, not just one number on a scale. The picture you see will be bigger and have better details of how you are progressing over time.


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