Wednesday, July 17th

CrossFit SoCo – CrossFit Kids


Reaction races

Movement Review

Strict press and push up


6 minute EMOM

3 Kettlebell lifts

3 Jumping pull ups

3 Donkey kicks

3 Push ups


Each player receives a set of colored wrist bands that correspond with the colors on a foam die. Toss the die into the air and what ever color lands face up, that person is “it”. Everyone has as much time to run away–to scatter– as it take the person who is “it” to grab the ball. Once the person who is “it” picks up the ball, everyone must freeze. The person who is “it” can take three steps towards anyone before they can throw. If a player is hit by the ball, you must surrender your wrist band to the person who is it. First to collect all wrist bands wins.


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