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The Why of Our Programming

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By definition, Crossfit is following the ideology of “constantly varied high intensity functional movement”. Its goal is to “increase work capacity across broad time and modal domains”.

After a recent survey, You demanded that we stay true to this statement. That is why, after the Open 2017, the coaches staff decided to program towards improving your G.P.P (General Physical Preparedness).

SoCo wants to “look better naked”. I took it as YOU (our members) wanted to have more fun, creative and varied WODs focusing on all aspect of your fitness.

Our WODs are spread throughout the week and it is very important, you try to come as many times as you can during the week, if you want get the best results.

Over the last few weeks, we have worked on cardiovascular/respiratory endurance, strength, stamina, power, speed, balance, accuracy, coordination, flexibility and agility.

I am very proud of everyone progress and cannot wait to see where this program will take You.

So, get after it SoCo!