Success Stories


At CrossFit SoCo, we’re invested in our members and their goals. That’s why we love hearing about their accomplishments. Each success story gives us more reason to keep training and inspiring. Could you be our next shining star? We hope so!

  • Courtney Floyd

    I love going to SoCo CrossFit. I joined the 6-week challenge and had an amazing experience! This prompted me to join as a member and I have not been disappointed. If you’re looking for a nice relaxed CrossFit environment that allows you to work and adapt WODs to fit your level, then SoCo is where you want to be. I’ve gained many friends and have formed a want and need for exercise that I didn’t have before. Thank you Loic, Loree, and Kevin.

  • Sunny Norwood-Buck

    A great gym with a wonderful atmosphere if you like to work out. They offer many services and have a large facility. Classes are run throughout the day, which allows me to find the time to fit a workout into my schedule. When I want to do something different, there is also an open gym option.

  • Nadia Duncan

    I have been at this gym for several years and it is by far the best athletic training and athletic community I have ever experienced! CrossFit SoCo offers a ton of different classes and has many awesome coaches to support them all. Anyone from any level can come in and improve their fitness. The community here is welcoming and supportive of all their members!

    Through CrossFit SoCo and their coaches, I have been able to complete workouts and movements that I honestly could never imagine myself being able to do (like a clean and jerk or hand stand push-up). My overall health and fitness have increased dramatically because of this gym! I encourage anyone that is looking for something new, effective, and simply fun to come and check it out!

  • Zach Fischer

    CrossFit SoCo is such a good group of people. The workouts are insane in a good way. Moved over from another box here recently and love it! The trainers are freaking amazing and the workouts are insane in a good way! Totally recommend this place!!

  • Corynne Francis

    CrossFit gym done right! A fitness facility for all levels– high level CrossFit Competitors to regular Moms and Dads just looking to be fitter and healthier than they were yesterday 🙂 As a fellow box owner and cross fitter, this is the place to be if in Colorado Springs! Regardless of age and/or experience, this CrossFit community is extremely welcoming and provided an awesome atmosphere!


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