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By: Loic Joseph, SoCo Head Coach

After 16 years of coaching (Swimming for 12 and Crossfit for 4), I have met my fair share of passionate individuals. They might come from a different environment or have different ideas but they all have one thing in common: they are very excited about what drives them. I think I am that way. I am very excited about helping others become the best they can ever be. I want to serve this community with the best of my abilities.

Passion to me is finding what makes you happy and capitalizing on it. Early on, I was very fortunate to have a great swim coach that passed on his passion to me. Coaching can be very hard work but extremely rewarding. Over my time as a professional, I have had the best of experiences traveling the world and have met many great people.

In college, I studied Business and Administration but I soon realized that I would be much better serving others. After a few years coaching, I was and still am extremely happy to be in the field. I may have changed sport but coaching is MY PASSION. The joy I get from watching athletes become greater (in any shape or form) is a pretty amazing feeling. Being a part of someone’s journey and being able to improve, teach or educate is special and I thank you for letting me do that.
I encourage everyone to find their passion. Life becomes so much clearer once you find what drives you.
Best of luck,
Loic J.