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More is not always better

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By Loic Joseph, SoCo Head Coach.

While taking my level 2 Crossfit Certification, one thing stuck to my head.  One of the trainer mentioned that “More is not always better”.

We do live in a society of abundance but personally, when it comes to performance, I do not believe more is always the only way to improve.
What if, instead of spending 2-3 hours in the gym, working out, talking, texting or even resting for longer periods of time you would keep all your focus in YOU for one hour with no other distractions? Do you think you could achieve more? I 100% believe so.
What if, every move you make is as good as can be, do you think you need to spend a ton of time repeating it?

Too often, we think quantity over quality. We assume the more time spending doing something the better you will become. I don’t think this is necessary the truth.

So instead of adding more things for you to do, maybe try to focus more on the things you are already doing and do your best to practice perfect as often as possible.
Next time you come to the gym, be present during the hour to make it as beneficial to you. I promise the sky is the limit.

Happy Fitness,