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Daily WODS 08/14-08/20/17

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Monday 08/14
Regular Classes WOD
A. 10 rounds for time:
8 Wall Balls 20/14
6 Alt DB Snatch, tough
4 Burpees
Rest 30 sec b/t rounds.
B. 3 Sets NOT for time
10/side banded clam shell
10 BB Good Mornings
10 Air Squats with Holding Plate OH

BootCamp (Noon Only)
3 Rounds for time
1 min Max Effort Jumping Pull Ups
1 min Max Effort Box Jumps w/ step down
1 min Max Effort Hanging Knee Raises
1 min Max Effort Cals Row
1 min rest

Tuesday 08/15
Regular Classes WOD
A. 4 rounds:
1 min Ball slams, tough
1 min box jumps, step down, tough
1 min DB push press, tough
1 min row cals
1 min rest
B. 3 Sets NOT for time
6-10 BB B/N Strict Press
8/leg Bulgarian Split Squats
15 V-Ups (Controlled Reps)

BootCamp (Noon Only)
A. Back Squats
6 x 3 Reps. Rest as needed. Build up to a heavy 3 Reps
B. 80 Wall Balls for time

Wednesday 08/16
Regular Classes WOD
A. 12 Min AMRAP
3 Squat Clean 155/105
6 Pull Ups
24 Double Unders
B. 3-4 Sets NOT for time
30 sec FC Hold (Heavy)
4 Kip Swings + 4 Toes to Bar + 4 Kipping Pull Ups (UB Complex)

BootCamp (Noon Only)
EMOM x 20
1st: 3 Power Snatch tough
2nd: 6-12 Abs Wheel Roll Out
3rd: 6-12 Ring Push Ups
4th: 100m Sprint

Thursday 08/17
Regular Classes WOD
A. Power Snatch 6 x 3
Build up to a 3 RM. Rest as needed b/t sets.
B. Complete 12 min of 30on 30off
1st: Max Effort Shuttle Sprint
2nd: Max Effort Lunge Squat Jumps
3rd: Max Effort Diamond Push Ups

BootCamp (Noon Only)
2 Rounds of
5 Strict BB Press 75/55
10 Ring Rows
Rest 2 min

Friday 08/18
Regular Classes WOD
A. Deadlift-
Build to a Heavy set of 3 in 20 Minutes
B. Rowing Helen
3 Rounds For Time
500M Row
21 KB Swings, tough
12 Ring Rows

BootCamp (Noon Only)