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CrossFit SoCo Recovery Tips

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SoCo, I hope your training is going well. If you haven’t already, take a look at next week’s workouts. Next week’s training is going to be mentally and physically challenging as we are going to hit some energy systems that will get you in the “pain cave”. Because we are going to challenge our bodies, I want to make sure that everyone handles their rest and recovery appropriately.


It is very common to believe that an 8 minute AMRAP is only an 8 minute workout. Although we are consciously only working for 8 minutes, our bodies are continuously working to help us recover for the next WOD. That 8 minute AMRAP really isn’t over until we do the next workout. Any physical training, is going to deplete or tax our energy systems and cause stress on the body which is why it is crucial to properly recover for every workout and being aware of how our body is feeling. Below are a couple of guidelines and tips on recovery.


Sleep is arguably the most important part of recovery. Everybody is going to require different hours of sleep but sleeping until you naturally wake and are feeling ready to go is always going to be most beneficial. However, that’s not possible for most people so following a guideline of at least 7 hours of sleep is good to go by and adjust from there on how you feel in the morning. If 7 hours of sleep is not possible, try to sneak in a nap or two during the day. Just a quick 20 minute nap will be beneficial. Sleep as much as you absolutely can!


Nutrition is going to be crucial in ensuring a proper recovery. Although we can talk for days about nutrition, too keep it brief, focus on CrossFit’s recommendation of meats and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch, and no sugar. Avoid processed foods and focus on high quality foods. It is also important to ensure that you are eating enough to fuel your workouts and recovery. Nutrition is a complex subject so please feel free to talk to any of our coaches and keep an eye out for future nutrition posts!


Mobility & active recovery are the final pieces to the recovery puzzle. We all have had that feeling when our bodies are beat and incredibly sore, active recovery & recovery are great tools to heal the body and combat that soreness. Active recovery is a restorative activity that allows you to work on a skill such as rowing/swimming or simply getting up and moving whether that’s taking a walk around the block, playing pickup basketball, or yard work. Whatever the activity is, you should feel better after, than you did before. Working our bodies into the correct positions through mobility is going to allow us to maintain healthy joints and muscles. Great tools to do so are the Supple Leopard books by Kelly Starrett and ROMWOD found in the back mobility room.


Working hard in the gym is only a portion of a healthy lifestyle. Maintaining a healthy body outside of the gym is just as important if not more so. Listen to your body and be mindful when approaching any workout, not just a CrossFit WOD. I know this isn’t cracking the Da Vinci code but it’s still refreshing to have a thoughtful reminder on some of the basics. If you have any questions about anything please feel free to ask any coach or staff member, we’re all here to help!