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By Loic Joseph, SoCo Head Coach

“Choice” is an act of selecting or making a decision when faced with two or more possibilities. Every day, from the moment we get up until the time we fall asleep, we are making choices. These choices directly affect our lives. We are completely independent from them and the way we react to them. 

There are different types of choices we face every day: Basic (what to wear, eat, possess, have or own), Life  Changing (school, career, relationships or family) and some in between (goals, dreams, beliefs or attitude). They can all be important at times and should not be ignored or taken too lightly.

When facing a choice, I always try to make the best decision with the information I have at the time. I truly believe if you choose to be great, great things will happen. You attract what you are. I would even go further and say that if we could all follow our true path, the world will be in a better place. Fear is usually the biggest hurdle.
Coaching is my passion and I 
am truly happy doing it. You are the main character of your own movie. You get to make decisions that will dictate your path to successes or failures. The really cool thing about life is that you can be fully in charge of it and make it the way you want.

Most of us want credits or recognition when we do something good. I think you should also take credits for the bad ones. Owning your mistakes is the first step to change and avoid to repeat them. I promise you will grow and learn more from the mistakes, failures and obstacles than anything.

So next time you see a WOD at the gym that looks scary, embrace it and choose to be great. I PROMISE it will be all worth it!
I choose to be healthy. I choose to be there for my wife and 2 wonderful children. I choose to be a professional coach and athlete. I am extremely fortunate it is working out for me but it came at a cost (I am about 6000 miles away from my parents, sister and uncle, etc…). Accept the consequences of your choices and move past them, after all YOU made the deliberate  decision.
Happy Fitness,