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Are My Maxes Suffering?

By Coach Sarah Many lifters are asking themselves that question right now.  Whether you have limited equipment or nothing at all the quarantine is bound

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Tracking Workouts

By Coach Gretchen Increasing work capacity over broad time and modal domains should be considered an important goal for an athlete who participates in CrossFit

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Supplements: Caffeine

By Coach Ashlynne Caffeine is one of the most utilized supplements for increasing performance in both endurance and resistance training athletes. It is one of

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Relative Intensity

By Coach Gretchen “Constantly varied, functional movements, performed at high intensity.” This is CrossFit. We know what constantly varied means- all of the workouts are

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Hydrating and Why It’s So Important

By Coach Ashlynne Proper hydration is critical for maximizing performance during physical activities. Water plays a crucial role in maintaining blood volume, regulating body temperature

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