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Being uncomfortable to achieve the ultimate dream.

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We should all have dreams. To achieve them, you might have to work harder than ever before.
I am no different. I want to go the CF Games as a master athlete. To do so, I need to train to prepare for anything. But I need to do it better than anyone else.

After the 2017 Open, I finished top 600 in the world for 35-39years old. Crossfit only takes top 200 to the next step (Masters Qualifiers) and then top 20 out of that will go to the CF Games. I obviously need to train harder and smarter if I want to reach the top of leaderboard.

“If you only do what you have done, you will only get what you already got.” To me, this sentence explains it all. Because of that, I am more dedicated then ever and I am working harder to get better and faster.

Staying comfortable through training sessions is not an option. I must work on weaknesses, do workouts I really don’t want to do to achieve my dream. But I also need to be as perfect as possible outside the gym with nutrition, rest and stress. It is a 365 days commitment. When you want something bad enough, you know what you need to do.

I truly believe here at SoCo, through our programming, you are doing WODs or movements that test your fitness constantly. Because of that, you are getting in so much better shape and you truly are becoming a newer and better version of yourself.
SoCo staff is here to help you reach your potential. Talk to the coaches if you need anything or simply need more guidance.

Happy Fitness,
Head Coach Loic Joseph